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Not rocket science – part 5

Debunking Oh that would be very difficult – part 5 Goodness dear reader, a new post from the author without any preamble regarding Brexit or his current living arrangements and it actually talks about a C64 program for a change! … Continue reading

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The author’s guesswork fails him

Debunking More revelations from TMR! Before we start dear reader, your correspondent was in Manchester over the weekend to look after half a dozen 8-bit systems he was exhibiting at Play Expo; he’s not fully recovered from said outing just … Continue reading

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Comments on collisions

The author’s latest hiatus has ended with some responses to comments. A poster called “Tom” responded to De-debunking the author waffles about MSX part 2 with the following: So your girlfriend dumped you for a C64 or what? Do you … Continue reading

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