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Release Notes – Stercore (Spectrum)

The outlying worlds of the Galactic Federation have already found themselves coming under fire from the Repugnant Swarm and their next target on the way to the centre of our galactic hub is Stercore 48, a deep space refuelling point … Continue reading

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Knowing me, knowing EU

Debunking The Commodore 64 the EU and Brexit The author’s latest little missive is something of a stretch considering the author’s self-stated topic of “explaining why the Commodore 64’s BASIC V2 was crap and how some people managed to program … Continue reading

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Even less warning

Debunking De debunking “without much warning” First of all, some Acorn Computer staff in London told me that there was software which enabled the Acorn Electron to produce 3 channel sound. I never planned to attempt this in Assembly Language/Machine … Continue reading

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