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Checking the registers

In response to his almost incomprehensible rambling during Oh that would be VERY difficult! – Part 5, the author was recently pointed towards Compute’s Mapping The Commodore 64, a book which exhaustively delves into the C64’s memory and how it’s … Continue reading

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Release Notes – Super Galax-I-Birds (C64)

Graphics artist and musician Andy has recently been getting his head around C64 assembly language and your correspondent has been one of the people offering help along the way. As part of the learning process Andy has been looking through … Continue reading

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Release Notes – Stercore 64 (C64)

Your correspondent released a scrolling shoot ‘em up for the Spectrum last week to some… response but, since that particular genre is more commonly the territory of a certain other 8-bit system, it only seemed proper that a version be … Continue reading

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