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Learning by the book – part 4

Debunking The Machine Language Book of the Commodore 64 – part 4 I‘m going to try and attempt to explain and demonstrate the very daunting tasks of drawing lines (the whole basis of graphics)… Your correspondent has, in over thirty … Continue reading

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The hills are alive – part 2

Debunking Making music – part 2 It’s been over four months between the first and second instalments of “Making music” on the author’s blog and your correspondent was starting to think that Brexit had done for him or something! Granted … Continue reading

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The hills are alive – part 1

Debunking Making music – part 1 Things have been quiet here of late dear reader, partly because the author hasn’t posted but more because your correspondent has been rather busy with “real world” things and, as is the norm from … Continue reading

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