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Release Notes – Super Hyperzap (C64)

After the release of Hyperzap 2018 there were a few comments about it’s simplicity; that was a deliberate design choice on your correspondent’s part – the intention was to replicate the kind of game a newly-minted C64 assembly language programmer … Continue reading

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I know it’s late, I couldn’t wait

Debunking Hello again! Hello again from me! I feel I must explain about what I‘ve been doing in recent months since my last blog entry on here. During this time, I‘ve been continuing to think about the imminent destruction of … Continue reading

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Release Notes – Hyperzap 2018 (C64)

Hyperzap 2018 is the first game release from C64CD, a gallery shoot ‘em up for the C64 based on a game your correspondent wrote over thirty years ago whilst learning how to program the C64 in assembly language. The original … Continue reading

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