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Talking about your correspondent

A commenter called S.P recently asked the question “who is tmr?”[1] so the author decided to “educate” said reader, although his usual lack of research or indeed accuracy were present… TMR is a C64 supporter who writes the blog “C64 … Continue reading

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A Brexit-flavoured surprise

Well here’s something unusual for C64CD dear reader, your correspondent directly penning a post about the annoyingly-named “Brexit” – a term presumably created by tabloid journalists who believed an annoying portmanteau would somehow be less confusing to their readership in … Continue reading

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Knowing me, knowing EU

Debunking The Commodore 64 the EU and Brexit The author’s latest little missive is something of a stretch considering the author’s self-stated topic of “explaining why the Commodore 64’s BASIC V2 was crap and how some people managed to program … Continue reading

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