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When C128 sprites collide

Your correspondent promised a reworked version of his C64 assembly language sprite collision detection code for the C128 when the author had finished a conversion of the BASIC program her was given but, since an entire month appears to have … Continue reading

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Checking the registers

In response to his almost incomprehensible rambling during Oh that would be VERY difficult! – Part 5, the author was recently pointed towards Compute’s Mapping The Commodore 64, a book which exhaustively delves into the C64’s memory and how it’s … Continue reading

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When more sprites collide

Debunking Debunking “not rocket science – part 5” TMR of the rival blog “C64 Crap Debunk” https://c64crapdebunk.wordpress.com/ (a maths whiz who can remember lots of five digit memory locations) has had the cheek to try and debunk my amazing post … Continue reading

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