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The comments return

Since there’s been some activity from the author and “Old C64 etc. Programmer” in the comments for a September 2015 post; this exchange has quite the word count, so for brevity we’ll start with the author’s first ejaculation where he … Continue reading

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Misleading waffle from the author

Debunking Debunking TMR’s “Comments on the CPC” In his post, TMR surprisingly claims he “rather likes” the CPC! I suspect that TMR totally hates the Amstrad CPC range of computers, because they’re quite different from and superior to his beloved … Continue reading

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Code Notes – HDM Demo 1

It’s that time again dear reader (or thereabouts, your correspondent is aiming for one of these or a Release Notes post every second Thursday but was a little tied up yesterday) and it seemed like an interesting idea to branch … Continue reading

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