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The hills are alive – part 2

Debunking Making music – part 2 It’s been over four months between the first and second instalments of “Making music” on the author’s blog and your correspondent was starting to think that Brexit had done for him or something! Granted … Continue reading

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Live and kicking

Debunking I’m still alive! I’m posting this to let all readers of this blog know that I’m still alive! In this case, thought I should accompany my post with a video of the same title, featuring the amazing Amiga (“Super … Continue reading

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Misleading waffle from the author

Debunking Debunking TMR’s “Comments on the CPC” In his post, TMR surprisingly claims he “rather likes” the CPC! I suspect that TMR totally hates the Amstrad CPC range of computers, because they’re quite different from and superior to his beloved … Continue reading

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