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Posts discussing the content at Commodore 64 Crap and pointing out the mistakes made.

Further operations

Debunking Debunking TMR‘s “Prepare To Operate – Part 1” I‘ve been pleased to see an increase in the hits on this website, but I don‘t know where they‘re all coming from, except from various countries. As he hasn‘t even seen … Continue reading

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Prepare to operate – part 1

Debunking The Commodore 64 and Operating Systems (Part 1) Welcome to everyone who has recently been viewing this blog so much! Your correspondent notes that the author apparently doesn’t understand that the WordPress statistics include spambots, search engine spiders or perhaps … Continue reading

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Learning by the book – part 4

Debunking The Machine Language Book of the Commodore 64 – part 4 I‘m going to try and attempt to explain and demonstrate the very daunting tasks of drawing lines (the whole basis of graphics)… Your correspondent has, in over thirty … Continue reading

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