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Posts discussing the content at Commodore 64 Crap and pointing out the mistakes made.

Guess who’s back, back again

Debunking Where have I been? Theresa May kept me busy part of the time That, dear reader, is something that should probably be kept between the author and Theresa May. This blog isn’t actually about current events, although I do … Continue reading

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Learning by the book – part 3

Debunking The Machine Language Book Of The Commodore 64 – part 3 So the author’s last post was in February and your correspondent was beginning to wonder what had happened to him… article 50 has been triggered, we’ve had a … Continue reading

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Knowing me, knowing EU

Debunking The Commodore 64 the EU and Brexit The author’s latest little missive is something of a stretch considering the author’s self-stated topic of “explaining why the Commodore 64’s BASIC V2 was crap and how some people managed to program … Continue reading

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