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Posts discussing the content at Commodore 64 Crap and pointing out the mistakes made.

Not rocket science – part 6

Debunking Oh that would be very difficult – part 6 Goodness dear reader, on the same day a newly-minted C64 programmer puts out his first intro as an official part of the C64CD team the author returns from the digital … Continue reading

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Checking the registers

In response to his almost incomprehensible rambling during Oh that would be VERY difficult! – Part 5, the author was recently pointed towards Compute’s Mapping The Commodore 64, a book which exhaustively delves into the C64’s memory and how it’s … Continue reading

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When more sprites collide

Debunking Debunking “not rocket science – part 5” TMR of the rival blog “C64 Crap Debunk” (a maths whiz who can remember lots of five digit memory locations) has had the cheek to try and debunk my amazing post … Continue reading

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