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Release notes – Death Weapon (C64)

It’s the final day for contributions to the RGCD 16K cartridge competition and your correspondent has been working on a second release for it from the C64CD stable; Death Weapon is an arena-style shoot ‘em up where the player must … Continue reading

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Waiting for impact

It’s been over three months since the author, whilst writing about a C64 BASIC program he was given to demonstrate hardware collisions, said that “soon, [he hopes] to post a conversion of the listing in question into Commodore BASIC V7 … Continue reading

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Release notes – Stercore XD (C64)

The RGCD 16K cartridge competition is running during 2019, so your correspondent decided to have some fun and use it as an excuse to complete and release Stercore XD, a reworked version of the ported Spectrum shooter of a similar … Continue reading

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