This is the ever-so-lovely C64 Crap Debunk (which is usually referred to as C64CD for short) which is a blog dedicated to correcting the hideously appalling mistakes made throughout the bash blog Commodore 64 Crap. Sadly the owner of that delightful little pit of hate has a policy of refusing comments and ignoring responses generally from people who actually understand 8-bit computers well enough to program them so, with a flash of what can only be called “inspiration” because other words would be too insulting and with nothing better to do on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, this blog was spawned.

Please note that only part of the author’s offending (and indeed sometimes offensive) posts are quoted here because reproducing them in their entirety would be unwieldy, so instead please assume dear reader that the remaining text is just as laden with misinformation and self-centred bile but wasn’t actually interesting enough to warrant a comment. It’s also worth noting that at least some of the responses contain a probably unhealthy dose of sarcasm and there is usually at least some playing at Devil’s advocate as well; your correspondent loves all 8-bit computers but points out their flaws as a demonstration to the author (and the odd person who might be siding with him, with heavy emphasis on the “odd”) that none of the machines from that era were perfect.

There are two “regular” series being written by your correspondent under his own steam at the time of writing; posts under the Code Notes banner take a demo (mostly from the mid 1980s and for the C64 but it does stray further afield at times) to examine how it works, then the Release Notes posts are both release announcements for new C64CD-branded demos (which, for the most part at least, take their cues from the demos covered by the Code Notes series) and a quick delve into the code behind those releases. There’s also a page listing the various productions for easy reference containing links to relevant places online.

For more information on C64CD and the two primary “players” involved, there’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions available on this very website. There are also have accounts at Github (where source code for C64CD releases is posted), Youtube, Facebook and Twitter as well, along with entries at the C64 Scene Database, DemoZoo and Pouet which in turn link to entries for releases.

“There’s no point being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes”.
The 4th Doctor

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