Release notes – ICC Anon (C64)

Goodness, it really has been busy here at C64CD Towers recently dear reader! Following on from his previous Intro Creation Competition entry, aNdy has written a second release called ICC Anon for the 16K category. This time there are some sprites in the lower border and two changing messages on screen, accompanied by a familiar-looking mask.

ICC Anon (C64)

Using the upper and lower borders on the C64 is easy when you know how, but the best way to learn what can and indeed can’t be done is to experiment and this intro was aNdy doing just that, experimenting and finding out how sprites work in an area of the screen which was, technically, never meant to be visible.

As with aNdy’s previous releases, the source code for ICC Anon is included in the archive with the intro itself for those wanting to delve around.


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