Release notes – Funky Stars (C64)

Here’s a little surprise dear reader, Funky Stars is a C64CD  entry into the CSDb Intro Creation Competition (16K category) 2019 which wasn’t programmed by your correspondent! aNdy began learning to code for the C64 around a year ago and his first release was in January of this year and, whilst C64CD has published one of his previous works called Super Galax-I-Birds,  aNdy wasn’t a member of the group until he officially joined today. And may whichever deity you might believe watches over us protect his soul!

The title for this release comes from the soundtrack, a conversion of the similarly titled tune (also known as Hybrid Song) by Quazar of Sanxion; that’s usually ten channels of Impulse Tracker tune which aNdy has somehow persuaded to fit into just three for the C64’s SID chip.

Funky Stars (C64)It’s also worth noting in passing dear reader that the author has spent most of the time aNdy spent learning to program on the C64 trying to convert an eleven line BASIC listing from one dialect from another… perhaps that conversion will actually appear at some point?

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