Release Notes – Super Galax-I-Birds (C64)

Graphics artist and musician Andy has recently been getting his head around C64 assembly language and your correspondent has been one of the people offering help along the way. As part of the learning process Andy has been looking through some of the source code your correspondent posted at Github including Super Hyperzap and, after understanding what it was doing, started making his own modifications; initially this involved changing cosmetic features such as graphics and music, but soon there was new code being bolted in and now the code supports two players and stores a high score for each.

Super Galax-I-Birds (C64)The result of his exploration is Super Galax-I-Birds, which is something of a homage to a rather silly but entertaining budget blaster from Sensible Software which was published in 1986 by Firebird; Galax-I-Birds is similar to the kind of shoot ‘em up that some novice programmers will write for the C64 and was actually one of the inspirations for the original Hyperzap when your correspondent himself was still in the process of learning assembly language so, in a sense at least, this release completes a wide and slightly meandering circle which was unwittingly started over three decades ago. And on a totally unrelated note, your correspondent suddenly finds himself feeling rather old…?

Super Galax-i-Birds was released under the C64CD banner at Andy’s request – making it the first program published on said “label” which wasn’t coded by your correspondent – and also serves to demonstrate at least one way that new programmers learnt and indeed still learn how to program the C64. His modified version of the source code has been included in the archive with the game itself for future beginners to learn from.

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2 Responses to Release Notes – Super Galax-I-Birds (C64)

  1. andyvaisey says:

    And I even left the funny bow-tie enemy from the original Hyperzap in the sprite bank, just as a little nod and wink…

  2. TMR64 says:

    Aww, it’s nice to know he lives on. =-)

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