Talking about your correspondent

A commenter called S.P recently asked the question “who is tmr?”[1] so the author decided to “educate” said reader, although his usual lack of research or indeed accuracy were present…

TMR is a C64 supporter who writes the blog “C64 Crap Debunk” on . The initials TMR stand for The Magic Roundabout, a classic kids’ TV show.

So far this is generally speaking correct, although your correspondent sees himself as a fan of all 8-bit systems rather than merely a “C64 supporter”.

He’s a C64 programmer

This part isn’t strictly true however;  although there’s more C64 code out there with your correspondent’s name on than anything else there are also plenty of examples for other systems including the Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bits and indeed other Commodores as well. There has also been quite a bit of dabbling in graphics for an even wider range of platforms, along with the odd attempt at what we shall charitably refer to as “music” too so it would be more accurate to use the wider term “8-bit developer”.

and a mathematical genius

This particular falsehood never stops being funny… it’s a lie that the author has been  rather desperately trying to convince people of for a while in part because he presumably feels that his own inability to program actually stems from struggling with mathematics but, as stated on several occasions previously, it doesn’t take a “maths whiz” or a “swot” to program the C64 or indeed any other 8-bit and your correspondent is proof of that, much as the author would like to believe otherwise.

TMR has been promoting my blog by criticising it, as explained on , but he doesn’t think that’s what he’s doing.

By that “logic” the author has been promoting Brexit by criticising it. Your correspondent happily drives traffic to the author’s blog but that’s because he feels it will be amusing  to others and, judging by feedback that’s been received over the years, that certainly does seem to be the case. It really is a mistake to believe in the old adage that “all publicity is good publicity” because there are far too many cases where it’s not, for example it would be extremely doubtful that Donald Trump was pleased about the publicity he received after porn star Stormy Daniels’ recent references to a certain intimate part of his anatomy and how it resembles Toad from Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise… nobody seems to have asked Toad how he feels, but presumably he wasn’t happy about being connected to Trump in that way.

On the plus side dear reader, that previous paragraph does mean that your correspondent can use a number of tags that wouldn’t otherwise be valid…

[1] Your correspondent considered saying something along the lines of “how dare he not know” at this point for comedic effect, but the author has historically struggled rather badly when confronted with sarcasm and we don’t want to confuse him even more than normal, do we dear reader?

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