Perhaps it shrunk in the wash?

The author has been surprisingly quiet of late dear reader[1], especially considering the release of TheC64 Mini during March; there was a deluge of posts, news items and videos on social media so your correspondent has been half expecting a trite little bile-laden emission from the author after the massive online outpouring of love for the C64 and indeed this new device that the launch created, presumably applying his “I know best” attitude in order to tell everybody else they’re wrong merely because he says so.

For those who aren’t already aware, TheC64 Mini is a scaled down reproduction of the breadbin C64 so despised by the author, containing an ARM processor which in turn powers an emulator and a front end to select games with; there are, appropriately enough, sixty four titles to choose from including a couple of your correspondent’s all-time favourites[2] and pretty much the entire list looks to be decent.

There are a couple of USB ports on the side – one for the included joystick which is apparently a less sturdy copy of the classic Competition Pro – and video output is via HDMI at the back.

Just as interestingly for C64CD readers is Commodore BASIC V2 being available from the main menu and this inclusion isn’t merely a gimmick either; a disk image can be mounted from a USB stick and BASIC then used to “side load” other games to play on the system. Having the BASIC interpreter there also means that programs could be written in BASIC or, with the appropriate tools, assembly language on TheC64 Mini in the same way that they are on a regular C64, although an external keyboard will be required since the one included on the unit is merely decorative.

TheC64 Mini is currently available from Argos, Game, Smyths and a plethora of other sources, usually priced somewhere between £64.99 and £69.99 depending on the seller. Your correspondent hasn’t purchased one[3] but feels that this product isn’t really aimed at people like him who already have a C64 or five lying around the front room; instead TheC64 Mini is for all of those people with fond memories of the C64 from the 1980s and 1990s.

[1] That is probably for the best since most of what appeared in his most recent posts was off topic drivel about operating systems.

[2] Io and Armalyte if anybody was wondering, although Uridium is also close to the top of that list.

[3] The promised full size unit is at least a possibility depending on feature set, price and if your correspondent’s wife will murder him for buying it.

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