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Debunking Debunking TMR‘s “Prepare To Operate – Part 1”

I‘ve been pleased to see an increase in the hits on this website, but I don‘t know where they‘re all coming from, except from various countries. As he hasn‘t even seen my stats, I don‘t see how TMR would know either!

The author’s pleasure is based on an increase in traffic, but he then states that he doesn’t know where said traffic is coming from. Your correspondent was merely pointing out that the author doesn’t even know that said hits were down to a real person reading his bile-laden drivel, so that aforementioned pleasure was misplaced.

TMR said he worked in London for a while in the late 1990s. This has nothing to do with what‘s been happening to London since then. The destruction of London has taken place just in the last few years.

And this entire discussion is, as already mentioned, completely and utterly off topic for a blog that the author claims to be about “explaining why the Commodore 64’s BASIC V2 was crap and how some people managed to program the C64” so the author can hardly complain about relevance when he himself is failing so abysmally on that front.

TMR claimed to live in Yorkshire. This is a county which was abolished in 1974! Its territory was redistributed amongst three new counties containing the name Yorkshire, as well as some old and new counties.

Yorkshire is still recognised as a “geographical territory and cultural region”, so claiming to be living in Yorkshire as your correspondent did is still perfectly valid and indeed in common use. It wouldn’t have taken much actual research to realise that, but past experience has taught us not to expect that kind of effort from the author.

Linux is an operating system which has been adapted for lots of different hardware. The way it boots up may be different on different hardware, but once booted, I don‘t think Linux depends on making any calls to a PC BIOS ROM, a Mac ROM, or any other ROM.

The author’s original claim was that he didn’t “think [Linux] depends on any ROM, because it can run on PCs, Macs, and Raspberry Pi computers” but, as your correspondent pointed out, it does rely on a ROM because it wouldn’t be able to boot otherwise. The “but once booted” qualifier in the sentence quoted above wasn’t part of the original statement and changes it significantly, so the author is once more trying to mislead his readers by moving the goalposts.

Linux used to be quite difficult to get into, but has now become fairly user friendly, although some distrtos such as Arch insist on making users type lots of commands to get everything set up. In spite of this, some Arch based distros such as Manjaro, and Antergos have added graphical installers.

Your correspondent’s criticism was based on the huge variety of distributions and the variations they bring to the table making it harder to get into, which in turn has inhibited the spread of Linux on the desktop; that’s a perfectly valid argument because the average user – who won’t have the time or indeed inclination to experiment with multiple flavours of Linux even if there weren’t “lots of commands” to type – doesn’t know or care what an “Arch based distro” is or if they should select GNOME, Cinnamon or KDE as their desktop environment. In that respect, Linux is still difficult to get into and probably always will be.

The Final Cartridge 3 desktop environmentThe author’s post topic was, specifically, the “Commodore 64 and Operating Systems” so we can only hope dear reader that the next instalment will actually talk about operating systems for the C64 since he’s struggling to do so at the moment! There has at least been a passing mention of Berkeley Softworks’ GEOS previously even if the author failed to go into any actual detail (it does fall outside his self-referential 1984/5 window of course, but so does all of the Linux discussion so he’d be almost ridiculously hypocritical of him to complain and doesn’t hold water as an excuse) but what about the other options available during or indeed after the C64’s lifespan?

And we’ll have to see if the author somehow manages to tie any of the operating system discussion into his blog’s stated topic during future posts or if the entire discussion must be written off as irrelevance.

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