Release Notes – WannaClone (Atari 8-bit)

Goodness dear reader, it’s been a very long time since the last C64CD demo release… hang on, haven’t we done this one before?! Well yes and no, because the Atari Age forum thread which inspired WannaClone for the C64 is the gift that keeps on giving, so now there’s an Atari 8-bit port as well! The music is brand new and supplied by Miker, conversion of the C64 version’s graphics was handled by José Pereira and your correspondent and a joke about the malware turning the user’s POKEY into a SID chip if they didn’t pay up was “borrowed” from Zapac in the forum thread.

WannaClone (Atari 8-bit)It’s worth noting that the Atari 8-bit’s processor is doing quite a lot of work during the picture, relying on a couple of cycle-accurate loops that change several colour registers per scanline, one of which is written to twice during each pass. This is more advanced programming would usually employ for a C64CD release, but your correspondent feels that the overall effect is worth it. The part of the code handling the decoding of text is identical to the C64 although the “magic number” used in the process has been changed from %6A to $A8 since the latter seemed appropriate.

Sadly 2600problems – the forum poster who inspired both the C64 version and this one by asking people to elaborate on encryption within the previously mentioned discussion thread – hasn’t acknowledged the existence of the C64 demo and probably won’t pay any attention to this Atari 8-bit conversion either.

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