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The author recently commented about “people who aren’t good at maths” not understanding how sine curves worked and, although the mathematics involved is pretty simple to begin with for those who are willing to put a relatively small amount of time and effort into understanding them, your correspondent mentioned in his response that it would be “possible to simply draw the required shape on graph paper and get a series of co-ordinates from that”. So since all of the decent television is over for today, we might as well spread a little festive joy via a snow-laden C64 demo that uses curve data built with the modern equivalent that method; the curve was actually created in a Windows-based graphics tool and looks like this…

A curve…so we’re treating each pixel of the image as a graph paper square. Only one point per column of pixels is actually needed as co-ordinate data (in this case it was the highest point whilst moving upwards and the lowest when heading in the other direction, but that was a fairly arbitrary decision on your correspondent’s part) so those numbers were duly typed in by hand before some sprite movement code was written around them. After that your correspondent spent a bit more time throwing in some sprite colours, added a text area, wrote a simple “snow field” routine and dropped in an old piece of “jolly” music to get Clonemas. This is the software equivalent of that horrific Christmas jumper from your aunt that you’d never dare to wear in public, so Happy Christmas dear reader!

The source code, binary data and some of the original work files are, as always, available peruse over at Github for the curious; it was written from scratch in a couple of very relaxed hours so the comments might be more sparse than usual, but there isn’t a huge difference between the way this and Hello Github work. Your correspondent doubts that the author will enjoy this specially hand-crafted gift of course, after all it demonstrates something of a lack of creativity on his part because this isn’t a complicated way to produce the required effect, even those who are mathematically challenged to the almost humiliating levels that the author would have his readers believe him to be.

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