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Trying to post on every second Thursday always seems to result in said deadline being missed due to other commitments and, whilst that’s still a significantly better performance than the author has been managing with over eight months between the first and second instalments of his own series, your correspondent is trying to be slightly more “prepared” (for want of a better word) in future. But that aside, it’s time for a new C64CD demo release!

HDM Clone (Amstrad CPC)Since the last user-generated production under the Code Notes magnifying glass was Happy DemoMaker’s HDM Demo 1, here’s a loose copy called HDM Clone[1] for the Amstrad CPC. It was thrown together over a couple of relatively quiet days by your correspondent, who also drew the graphics and converted some music. Generally speaking this code has been implemented in the way that your correspondent assumes the original works but no attempt to reverse engineer code has been made; your correspondent also feels the need to mention that he’s a still very much a Z80 novice and was caught out previously by differences between different models of CRTC so, although this code has been tested on a CPC464, there may be some timing issues on other models.

The graphics were created in the Windows-based editor ProMotion with the results being converted to Amstrad CPC compatible raw data with a rather clunky but reasonably functional bespoke tool written by your correspondent whilst the music – a conversion of Karsten Obarski’s Hymn To Yezz from the Amiga – was created with Arkos Tracker. The GitHub repository contains the source code and all of the binary data required to create the final demo so adding the Pasmo cross assembler and CPCDiskXP which is used to push the assembled file into a disk image. Using build.bat with those two in place pushes out a ready to run disk image called HDM.dsk and there are the original graphics and music files in the workfiles directory as with previous projects.

As always there something to note from C64CD’s perspective dear reader; the source code for this demo is no easier or harder to read than the C64 source for Clone Invasion. The author’s previous want for your correspondent to provide “revelations about how some people were able to program the C64” is defunct simply because that process is very similar to than the other systems out there; it’s true that the specifics vary of course, but that’s true for every system in comparison to the others and really should be expected.

[1] The name could probably have done with a little work, but your correspondent rather likes the idea of the releases sharing the word “clone” in the name of each release and Clone Demo 1 just didn’t work was well…

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