Time for a change of style

A change is, so your correspondent has previously heard, as good as a rest dear reader, so with that in mind some modifications have been made both to C64 Crap Debunk and some of the accounts associated with it during this last weekend. Along with swapping out the WordPress theme (because, much as your correspondent liked the old one, it was looking somewhat tired after three years of service) and adding a new header image, some links have also appeared in the righthand menu which lead followers over to both the existing C64CD YouTube channel and some newly-created Twitter[1] and Github accounts.

There’s also an introductory video stapled onto the Youtube channel which welcomes new visitors that looks like this…

…and, since that’s a real C64 program in the video, the source code and binaries needed to assemble that program using the ACME cross assembler have been made available via a GitHub repository. Goodness! After that slightly unexpected flurry of activity your correspondent finds himself in need of a quiet sit down with a nice cup of tea!

[1] As to if this website actually needed an expansion to its social media presence… well, probably not as such but your correspondent was getting somewhat carried away by that point!

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