An overflowing of comments

Time to clear up some more of the author’s misunderstandings as he responds to the comments posted to his blog; first there’s a response to “duckman777” (who has previously posted a comment to your correspondent’s blog as well) on the post Oh, that would be *very* difficult! – Part 1:

I’m glad to hear that you’re “tickled” by my blog. This obviously means you enjoy it, although different countries and areas use the same words to mean slightly different things.

It is, of course, possible to be “tickled” by someone’s writing simply because their incoherent ramblings are amusingly idiotic.

It is totally sick to celebrate the anniversary of a computer which was so poorly designed that it came with a version of BASIC which didn’t support its hardware, meaning that there were no commands even to draw a line across the screen, or just to play a little tune.

Those people were celebrating the anniversary of a computer they loved in the 1980s that in many cases continue to love, that isn’t “totally sick” in the slightest, although spending three years running a pathetic little bash blog could well be described as such.[1]

I was heartbroken to find out that my wonderful new colour computer and synthesiser was just a pile of unprogrammable shit, which I had to sell 10-11 months later for about half price of the computer, some books and software.

As we’ve noted on multiple occasions dear reader, at a general level across all of the 8-bits there was a majority of users for who programming was completely and utterly irrelevant because they had no intention of learning and merely wanted to play games or use productivity software; this is true for the C64, the Sinclair Spectrum, the MSX range, the Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro, Atari home computer series, all of them. But for those who did harbour an interest, the supposed “pile of unprogrammable shit” has a truly vast archive of user-generated software which dwarfs most if not all of the other 8-bit computers, demonstrating far more ably than your correspondent could that the author is in error.

As you’ve probably heard, when a butterfly flaps its wings in Slovenia (or anywhere else), this can influence events all over the World, so please keep reading my blog to find out more things such as how Jack Tramiel and his sons delayed me from becoming a one man band, how they influenced when and where my first flat was, how they made me leave the computer club and not join another one, etc, etc.

So we can “look forward” (for want of a better term) to more self-absorbed, illogical bilge from the author, apparently. We can get a quick taster of what is to come from the author’s response to a new comment from “Tom” on the post De debunking “the author waffles about MSX – part 2”:

I was struggling for several months as a C64 owner studying everything I could about programming its crappy BASIC, until I found out it was crap, that it didn’t have to be crap, and why it was crap. I’m not going to attempt to program this now.

More accurately, the author doesn’t have the ability to make that attempt but it’s not the fault of the C64. We have to ask ourselves dear reader, what happened to all of those projects he’s mentioned over the last three years for example, none of those appear to have produced anything worthy of release.

I started advertising in other sections of this magazine, which were social instead of buying and selling. Later on, I got a lot of anonymous phone calls and other abuse. This is all Jack Tramiel’s, Sam Tramiel’s and Leonard Tramiel’s faults as well, because if Jack Tramiel hadn’t put a crappy BASIC in the C64, and his sons Sam and Leonard hadn’t worked with him, then I may never have bought that magazine, so then I wouldn’t have got all the anonymous phone calls and other abuse!

This is a truly laughable “argument” (and your correspondent actually paused before using that word even with the quotes) that nobody in their right mind would expect others to take seriously; rather than blaming either himself for not being more cautious with his contact details or the people behind the “anonymous phone calls and other abuse” he instead decides that it’s all down to an American computer manufacturer! If the author is dim-witted enough to be giving his details out indiscriminately it only follows that, regardless of the route he followed to reach that situation, at some point in his live he would still have ended up in a similar situation.

As an aside, a few weekends ago your correspondent had a stall out at the Play Blackpool retro gaming event with a VIC 20 on display which was used to run recently developed games; at one point a girl who was no more than nine or ten years old came over with her father, proceeded to power cycle the VIC and began writing a simple but quite convoluted BASIC program, debugging her mistakes as she went and working without any help. How hideously embarrassing that might be for the author to be “out coded” by a child is left to the reader to decide.

[1] As always dear reader, it is understood that any insults aimed at the author for running his blog for an extended period could equally be leveled at your correspondent, but what passes for an explanation has also been offered.


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