The author waits for an MSX2

Debunking What next?

I thought I should just give you an update on the latest state of putting down the C64.

The author is using the term “putting down” when he actually means “talking garbage about” of course; in over two years he’s yet to produce a valid argument and often fails to even be coherent. The only way that the author could legitimately claim to be “putting down” the C64 involves picking one up first.

Recently, I bought an amazing MSX2 computer on eBay! This is a Philips VG8235 MSX2. No MSX2 computers were ever released in Britain, or the USA, but they’re a pretty cool, “souped up” Z80 based computer, a bit like a custom car or “hot rod”.

The author’s claims that his newly-purchased MSX2 is “amazing” when the machine has yet to arrive is merely an extension of the usual hyperbole we’ve come to expect from him and should be treated with the appropriate contempt.

I should remind you that the minimum MSX2 spec is at least 64K main RAM (but sometimes supplied with 256K RAM), at least 64K VRAM (often supplied with 128K VRAM)

So what happened to the author’s previous claim that only 48K RAM was really needed for 8 bit computers, as proven by all the software written for the Sinclair Spectrum 48K and Atari computers fitted with 48K” exactly? Suddenly he’s got a machine with half a megabyte and that’s been conveniently “forgotten” so we’ll have to assume, dear reader, that it was just another lie on the author’s part.

The Philips VG8235 MSX2 computer has a built in floppy disk drive, which the C64 never had

Apart from the SX64 of course…. or, since the author’s already pointed out the C64 “lurking” at the heart of the C128 series, the C128D. It’s amazing how quickly the author forgets his own “arguments” isn’t it…

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