Nothing going on

The author has been quiet for over a month now and we can only speculate what has happened; perhaps he’s “come to a sticky end” as his mother would have said? So, whilst the C64 continues regardless of the author’s bile-laden missives (over a hundred new works were added to the C64 Scene Database during the last month alone), your correspondent is, at least for this blog, left at something of a loose end.

So he has instead spent some of that free time on ongoing projects, one of which looks like this:

C64 board with SwinSID and an SD2IEC

C64 board with SwinSID and an SD2IEC

This is going to be a modified C64 for taking to retro gaming events but so far the only major change (apart from the case being removed) is the addition of a Nano SwinSID, a microcontroller-powered drop in replacement for the SID chip. There’s also an SD2IEC, one of the cheaper 1541 disk drive replacements which isn’t particularly accurate but does at least allow programs to be loaded for testing.

After that your correspondent only has software projects on the go and none are really in a fit state to talk about right now, although the tentative first steps to writing a game that uses some of the extra colours available to the C128’s VIC-IIe that the author refuses to believe exist are being taken and that will probably involve trying to resurrect the very battle scarred C128D which was your correspondent’s programming workhorse during the 1990s. This will probably take quite a while of course, so don’t hold your breath dear reader!

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