An unexpected break

The author has been suspiciously quiet for a couple of weeks, which probably means he’s slaving away at some kind of “master plan” based on him failing catastrophically to grasp something or trying once more to deliberately mislead his readers. So during this drought we might as well have a little meander across to other, more tangential  subjects until he manages to get enough of an act together to actually post something.

As to what your correspondent was doing whilst the author went quiet, last weekend he spent a couple of days exhibiting at another retro gaming event, this time in Wolverhaption. Here’s a gratuitous crowd shot…

Revival Wolverhampton - 9th to 10th August 2014

Retro gaming goodness in Wolverhampton

…and, as with the previous event, your correspondent spent a couple of days discussing the playing and programming of new games on 8- and 16-bit systems and failed to meet a single person with experience of the C64 and an irrational hatred matching the one childishly nursed over decades by the author. That said, the majority of people were there to play games because, as noted previously, that was a far more common use of 8- and 16-bit computers than programming.

In other news, apparently August is Commodore 64 Month at least according to Twitter and, whilst your correspondent has absolutely no idea who decides these things or indeed if there’s any governing body to ratify such events, it seems like everybody commenting has a love for the C64 so that’s nice. On a similar note, there’s a YouTube video embedded below which celebrates the Amstrad CPC464’s thirtieth birthday and, although some holes could be picked here and there in what was said, we won’t go down that particular road dear reader because, again, it’s all about enthusiastic owners discussing the machine they love and what is there not to like about that?

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