Another bash at comments

So the author has been replying to comments received from readers. This one, submitted as a response to Buyers’ guide liars (part 7), is from “David” who said:

Remarkable to see a grown man holding a grudge against the C64 since 1984, just because C64’s BASIC didn’t have dedicated commands for graphics and sound. To me it looks like you’re just projecting over your failure and inability to learn how to program the machine’s hardware using either BASIC or something more appropriate.

Your correspondent has come to the same conclusion to be honest, the author’s own inability to learn is basically the problem; we have to note dear reader that the author didn’t get particularly far with the Amstrad CPC despite the more feature-laden BASIC and the two years that he’s been exposing himself to other dialects from Atari, Sinclair and Apple amongst others haven’t lead anywhere significant either. A bad workman blames his tools as the saying goes.

The author replied thus:

Thanks for your compliment telling me I’m remarkable!

Well, as we can see from the quoted text dear reader, David very obviously didn’t call the author remarkable. But even if he had that’s not automatically something to take as a complement since it merely means worthy of notice or attention; for example, people like the cast of The Only Way Is Essex are remarkable for greatly lowering the overall tone of British television.

Apart from this, don’t forget that the fourth Doctor Who (Tom Baker) said “What’s the point in being grown up if you can’t be childish once in a while?”

The actual quote is “there’s no point being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes“, said to Sarah Jane Smith in the first Tom Baker story Robot. But we probably shouldn’t be surprised if the author struggles to accurately quote the fourth Doctor, he’s had several problems quoting or indeed understanding a lot of things previously.

Furthermore, almost every other computer apart from computers by Commodore had commands for colour, graphics, and sound, so there!!!!

POKE can produce colour, graphics and sound on the C64 whilst PRINT can set text colours via inline control bytes, so there are commands (plural) for these jobs even if they’re not the ones the author wanted. It isn’t true to say “almost every other computer” either, the author and your correspondent have previously covered examples of computers that shipped with no BASIC in ROM at all as well as others that had sparse dialects and more where the BASIC had commands for some graphics and sound features but not others.

And it’s worth noting dear reader that finishing a “rebuttal” such as this with “so there” serves to make the author sound like a petulant, whining child and would have killed off his credibility had there been any to start with. The four exclamation marks are presumably there to hammer the final nail into credibility’s coffin.

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