A line in the sand

Debunking Drawing the line

I’m currently in the middle of writing a long article about how to draw a line across the Commodore 64 high resolution (i.e. 320×200 pixel) graphics screen. This has been planned for some time and I’ve just made some real progress on it! I consulted some old books and magaines. I’ve written some short programs which I ran under the WinVICE emulator. Look forward to reading it in this space soon.

This should prove very amusing. It doesn’t actually need a long article of course because a single FOR/NEXT loop will “draw a line across the Commodore 64 high resolution (i.e. 320×200 pixel) graphics screen” (look up the word “across” to understand why and remember that the author didn’t actually mention enabling or clearing the screen) but the author is, presumably, failing to explain what he actually wants to do once more. We shall have to wait and see if he actually comes up with a line draw algorithm or not or just goes for plotting points.

The issue of why the author would even bother in the first place when in reality people simply used small blocks of machine code still looms large; the author is trying to prove some kind of point but, because nobody has actually argued that it’s viable to do things the way he’s talking about, he’s not actually refuting anything said previously and making himself look rather stupid for not understanding into the bargain.

What your correspondent might do at some point after the author’s “article” goes up (assuming it actually does, weren’t we already waiting for one about “bouncing” sprites dear reader?) is write a simple “plot a point” and some bitmap initialisation in machine code to demonstrate how it was done in reality rather than the author’s fantasy world.

Meanwhile, don’t bother commenting on it. I expect this article to be finished on about September 15-16, so look forward to that!

Dear reader, we will of course anticipate treating this missive with the contempt it deserves very soon, along with the author’s attempt at dictating to other people when to comment.

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