The VIC 20 – has the author even used one?

Debunking The VIC-20: better or worse than the Commodore 64?

Your correspondent has a few extra thoughts to post at some point about the author’s previous missive but this new addition to the flow of bile will be dealt with first.

I decided to do this post because TMR of the rival blog has recently confessed to owning and programming a VIC-20 before he ever got a Commodore 64.

Your correspondent doesn’t consider this to be a “rival” blog, merely a right of reply since the author would never allow things like the truth to get in the way of trying to pass off his personal opinion as fact. Discussing computing history or the specifics of programming with the author is like shooting fish in a barrel whilst using an RPG so your correspondent doesn’t usually take what is written here particularly seriously.

The use of the word “confessed” above is amusing because it isn’t as though your correspondent has never mentioned previously that he started with a VIC; the author is simply ignorant of that fact.

This gave him an unfair advantage when later getting a Commodore 64, compared with people unlucky enough to get a Commodore 64 as their first computer. David Simons, the programmer of the C64 extended BASIC interpreter Simons’ BASIC, also owned A VIC-20.

So offering someone who started on a VIC 20 and went on to do good things as a programmer is, somehow, a damning indictment of the machine now?! Good grief, how ridiculous, the author will be pointing at Linus Torvalds next! How does it imply an “unfair advantage” exactly, it’s not as though initially learning BASIC on the VIC was any easier or harder than doing so with the C64, the process doesn’t magically change. As always the author really hasn’t thought this “logic” through, this issue is probably the reason why he struggles with programming languages as well.

As for me, I’m firmly on the side of high level languages, as opposed to low level languages, and the higher level the better! I like the languages LOGO, LISP, and advanced dialects of BASIC. I don’t like Microsoft Visual BASIC, because it hardly seems to have anything of BASIC left in it. I’m not too keen on C or Assembly Language, either.

This is because the author hasn’t actually used most of these languages even to the point of writing a simple program in them and, as anybody sensible knows, the opinion of someone who hasn’t properly used a product is completely and utterly worthless.

I hate Commodore BASIC V2 as on the Commodore 64 and Commodore VIC-20. Commodore had no right to lumber unsuspecting buyers with this crap without warning them and getting their consent. This was like rape!

Your correspondent would like in all seriousness to point out how completely disgusted he is again with the author; comparing anything trivial like BASIC dialects to something as serious as rape is a truly pathetic thing to do and, whilst your correspondent doubts the author will ever manage to extract his head from being so deeply wedged within his own rectum, if it happens the author might realise how idiotic it actually is.

Since these responses are pretty much written “top down”, your correspondent will end at this point here because he simply cannot be bothered to deal with the rest of the author’s pathetic, self-apologetic, uninformed bile directly. Apologies are offered in advance for any mistakes that might have crept in dear reader, usually these would be caught in the proofreading but it really doesn’t seem worth even that much effort today.

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