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(Did anyone else read the post title in Hubert Farnsworth’s voice…?)

I was surprised to read about how various visitors were finding their way to my blog, under the heading “Referring Sites”. It was only then that I found out about another WordPress blog, called , which is the second most popular referring site after !

In other words, this blog is generating quite a bit of traffic; that’s something of a surprise to your correspondent since he’s never actually bothered to look at the stats! Oddly, the author’s post generated a pingback on C64 Crap Debunk so presumably all the posts here should’ve returned the favour and he should’ve been aware several months ago?

I think that blog was probably mentioned on the forums at , but I didn’t notice it all all. The blog is by TMR, a Commodore 64 fanatic who can actually program the Commodore 64 in Assembly Language!

Like thousands of others out there have done and indeed continue to do.

I’m not sure what TMR stands for, but it could be something like The Maths Reviser, The Maths Researcher, The Maths Religion, or The Maths Religionist. Any other suggestions are welcome.

The author seems to have an irrational dislike for anybody who understands mathematics even if your correspondent isn’t actually one of those people.

I rejected ONE comment from him, because it said something like if he could program the Commodore 64, then anyone could do it.

The three points (submitted as a response to the author’s post Why was the Commodore 64 such crap?!) were as follows:

Point 1 is wrong: the C64 was developed AT THE SAME TIME as the Max by a different team.

Point 2 is also wrong: 64K CAN BE accessed from machine code and you were TOLD THIS when you made the same mistake over at Atari Age. If you didn’t understand the “gobbledegook excuses” when people explained what was happening it would’ve been better to admit that than trudge on making the same mistakes regardless.

Point 3… Commodore didn’t sell ROM upgrades you say? You might want to check your own blog then because you’ve got a post complaining about Simon’s BASIC, a ROM upgrade for C64 BASIC sold by Commodore.

The author rejected the post purely because it disagreed with his blinkered worldview, in other word he’s scared of arguments from people who actually know what they’re talking about. Under those circumstances, there’s absolutely no point in posting further responses so this blog was born to take care of it.

He has admitted to owning an Atari 800XL computer in this post , so I think that’s probably how he learnt 6502 Assembly Language. After this, thanks to the nice, user friendly Atari BASIC easing him into 6502 Assembly Language, he was able to program the Commodore 64 with its 6502 compatible 6510 CPU.

Of course the author is guessing and utterly wrong again so some further detail is apparently required; your correspondent owned a VIC 20 (which has BASIC V2 and was the machine he learnt BASIC and then the first steps of machine code with), an Atari 800XL (which was tape-based and therefore no use to learn programming) and then a C64 (where the machine code learning continued). Your correspondent has written a couple of games for the Atari 8-bits in assembly language too.

The “user friendly” Atari 8-bit BASIC, of course, uses a lot of PEEKs and POKEs for some functionality like the hardware sprites in the same way the C64 does, a fact the author still seems to either be wilfully ignoring or simply ignorant of due to lack of experience – it also doesn’t have the bitwise commands Commodore BASIC V2 has which makes things like processing joystick input or sprite collision slower, again something the author doesn’t appear to be aware of.

My laptop which broke down wasn’t Microsoft powered any more, because I abandoned Windows for Ubuntu Linux

Anybody want to point out to the author that Linux’s father Linus Torvalds learnt to program on the Commodore VIC 20 in Commodore BASIC V2…?

The only fantasy posts on my blog so far have been “A World without the Commodore 64” and “Shipwrecked with Commodore PETS”. Everything else I’ve posted about actually happened to ME!

Ignoring the bits in one of his more recent posts that contradicted what the author has said elsewhere, quite a bit of what has been posted isn’t personal experience and is instead just supposition based on what he incorrectly assumes to be facts and ignoring details that don’t fit in; pretty much anything comparing dialects of BASIC isn’t based on any kind of actual experience programming with them for example.

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