What technical problems?

Debunking Technical problems

Well, not really debunking as such but the author’s website Commodore 64 Crap had a little hiatus whilst he was away and your correspondent needed to remind himself of the house style before getting back into the debunking saddle. So anyway, back to the topic in hand and you may be asking yourselves where our expert on computing went for the last couple of months?

I’m sorry for the lack of new articles for a whole two months now. This was due to my laptop screen finally blowing out, then a delay in replacing it with a new desktop system.

Oops. Perhaps his Microsoft-powered laptop finally got sick of having to manage posts slagging off Microsoft’s BASIC on the C64? And that’s a surprisingly long time between a machine failing and a replacement going in, surely a computing professional like the author would’ve had a backup or at least spares to build a stand-in machine from?

Normal service will be resumed soon, with some more cutting put downs of the Commodore 64, featuring my 10-11 month ordeal owning this computer as well as a fictional story about Commodore which may have actually happened somewhere in the World, and another story exploring an alternative history of computing.

Since the author’s entire output is fictional stories, it might be quite hard to spot these amongst everything else but fret not dear reader, your correspondent (who has now decided he quite likes referring to himself in the third person and will probably continue to do so until he forgets) will continue monitoring and providing corrections to the author’s flights of fantasy.

On the plus side, his posts on Atari Age lead to a BASIC game coding competition which was loads of fun although, sadly, the author was unable to demonstrate his mastery of BASIC programming by producing an entry.

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